And here I am! really excited to share my most recent home styling project, located in South west London. Above is the exterior view, its architectural elements speaks a lot about Georgian style, starting from the premise wall, black iron grill with ornamental touch, proportionate large windows and porch beams and pillars boasts its strength and appeal to one’s eyes, even the exposed bricks and sculpted balusters of parapet walls.

Let’s take a tour of some main areas. Starting from really impressive Reception area –


It’s bright & white for a fresh start and I am completely taken away by that bay window, where you can find me lounging whole day!! this organic shaped coffee table designed by Isamu Noguchi has sculptural look, that you could shop from here. And this Mews patterned soft velvety sofa is available on MADE TO ORDER.


Did you notice that fluted bordered mirror, one of the styling secret, I would surely like to add here is that mirrors add a greater sense of openness. They bounce back the light, reflect the view by tricking the eye into perceiving more space.

In love with uncluttered lines and generous curves of a mantel, which you could shop here, that sits with all it’s royal charm on herringbone style parquet flooring, which I am a big fan of and would love to see in my soon home-to-be!


It’s an open plan where you can see reception, dining and kitchen at one location, talking of kitchen that is based on clean, simple lines and sleek looks. It is equipped with a premium range from Hacker Classic (It has handless doors on push catch hinges and drawers runs on soft close runners) and is fitted with high quality Siemen appliances,



above two images show the bedroom, one of the things I really adore was an interplay of geometry and delicate textures (one could easily spot on bed headboard, vertical and horizontal door stile, cast iron radiators and gentle textures and patterns of fabric). How could one ignore that black high gloss scalloped bedside, that just steals the show, isn’t it?


one more thing you can notice is roman blinds and curtains, the secret is, either just ditch the curtains (as in the reception area, instead have louvered sash windows) or have roman blinds that could be stacked above the windows, just at the pelmet height, as it creates a sense of space and openness.

shop11. Wildash Shearling Throw 2.Da Gama Campaign Console Table 3. Alexander Charcoal Cushion 4. Michael Aram Sona Vessel 5. Union Jack Mug Set

and once again here is a SHOP THE LOOK (tap the links mentioned just above, to know about them and shop, Yippee!), home decor accessories that you could shop!!! and just to remind again,  I guess you know what role these decor elements play, they lift up the space instantly, add character and kind of a personal touch to the whole scheme.

So enjoy shopping and have fun Xx.

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NOTE : there is a LONDON WAREHOUSE SALE running at Andrew Martins, 208, Durnsford Road, LONDON, SW19 8DR on JUNE 17th / 18th and 24th / 25th.




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