It was last week during midnight, I was glued to my laptop switching back and forth between art, design and function to build a bedroom that surpasses on all these three levels, design that resonates classic and timeless elegance….as an Interior designer, it allows me to delve into all the details of furniture, fixtures lighting, wallpaper, flooring, wall paint and finally layering it with soft textures and fabrics.

To create a laid back rustic vibe, I chose this above chandelier (HOLLACE CHANDELIER) from Arteriors this is one of the statement pieces but the question is why only this ??? well, a) it’s simple geometry ~ that is inspired by Armillary spheres used by ancient Greeks to determine celestial positions.
b) rustic look ~ burnished silvery finish.
c) it adds focal point when hung above a dining room table or hallway, though I recommended for bedroom.
d) exposed bulbs that are fixed on sockets that emulates the dripping wax of candles ~ so real, that I could literally feel it dripping and off course price $1200 (I guess, it’s worth it because of sculptural look it has, check on internet you might stumble upon few website offering discounts on it).


look at this picture above as it has so much to say, trust me but you literally can’t stop yourself looking at it, if you ask me, I just fell in love with that dark panelled wall, initially I thought to use a wallpaper for my client’s bedroom moodboard but honestly it has changed my perception, DARK WALLS ?? Are you serious? follow this link  @neptunehomeofficial to get inspired.


and when thinking of bed, this above image says ALL, there are so many key elements….

a) soft tufted headboard upholstered in kind of turquoise green with red pepper stripped sides and if you could notice cushions in front matches them too so think about GREEN + RED next time when choosing an upholstery for your new bed, it will surely work and if  you ask my personal recommendation, I like it mainly because of it, though price wise it might turn someone down as it cost £43000 approx (I know, I felt the same).

b) this bed from @savoirbeds is an epitome of high-end luxury and best craftsmanship especially handmade out of horse tail linings, cashmere and British lamb wool

c) last but not least Georgian mantel fireplace just steals the show too. 


these trays, I saw last month while strolling on the high streets of Shoreditch, London. WOOD + GLASS combination here is not just limited to trays but is available as antique finished mirrors and nested coffee tables too. One of my favorite pick from @notremonde_official collection that is just an amazing piece of abstract and classic design with price that starts from just £93. 


above image is a bit of insight into how we designers work, this is a spatial plan, to understand it better I have marked WALL – A in the layout is the bedside also, I have put the numbers on the layout to match it with the furniture picked for the moodboard and if you’re working on renovating your bedroom, then the secret is to first measure your room sketch it on a paper and draw the furniture you want with its accurate dimensions. Just leave at least 750 mm – 900 mm as circulation / movement space depending upon your overall room size. why not be like a PRO!!


  1. Sage Velvet Grainger Cushion 2. Feather Tray Black  3. Guaxs bambola vase – small  4. Petite decorative candle 5. large wooden horse head sculpture

and here is a SHOP THE LOOK (tap for links mentioned just above, to know about them and shopping, YEYYEE!), home decor accessories that you could shop!!! and I guess you know what role these decor elements play, they lift up the space instantly, add character and kind of a personal touch to the whole scheme.

So enjoy shopping and have fun Xx.

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