It was 6 am and guess what! as usual I was glued to social media, scrolling Instagram/Facebook images to find my morning inspiration. I was completely synced into looking through the work of other designers and artists. I guess, I am not the only one who does that. And then it stuck to me, what is the difference between good and great? The very first question our faculty raised during our first session of Interior styling course at the Central Saint Martins.

What are those qualities that set you apart/ahead as an Interior designer? In answering this I discovered, is not just limited to my profession but fashion/product/automobile ….. photography, writer, blogger and stylist – the same question … What sets you apart???

To put this in perspective you can raise the same question to yourself today but instead of sitting down to pen your thoughts may be you could pick pictures from magazine, internet, newspaper or your own and put them on a blank sheet…pictures that inspire you as a woman more so as an artist irrespective of the gender as I believe that a picture speaks a thousand words.

So these qualities in no particular order:

#1 Who you are? What you do? Where are you from? Where are you at present? Where do you want to be?

Sometimes it could be easy or the most difficult to say in a few sentences…so pick an image – use indirect references to answer the most common of these questions.

#2 Skills you have?

Are you a good communicator, may be by writing, sketching, calculations, software you know, organisational skills etc.?




#3 Do you love doing DIY or ready to create something unusual out of the junk?

May be you possess a unique quality to stitch on a piece of cloth or recycle the junk lying in your house to create for a friend on his / her Birthday.


#4 Out of the Box?

I am pretty sure some of us love to see or feel the textures, shapes, colours of any raw material and have the instinct to create something out of the box to offer to people around us – may sound difficult but once you’re into, it will be a piece of cake!!! Did I say cake ….. yummmm.


#5 Do you like to help/Are you a helping hand?

Many of us Yes! Indeed! Sometimes by helping others we can reach our destination very easily, as by doing that we are not only volunteering our skills to others but we tend to grow more with them.


#6 Risk taking potential?

I think this is the most important quality among all that I have mentioned above….You may already be earning very well in your jobs but have the zeal to start your own venture or a part-time business. It may sound daunting but if your instincts say Yes…It will work.


#7 what’s your style / signature?

It could be easy to imagine but sometimes difficult to express – whether you love completely organic – ground rooted style? Or a more elegant classy rich, chic minimalistic style, retro, punk, geometry, neon?



Please drop your feedback as it will encourage me…I will love to hear your story and I am pretty sure you could relate yourself….



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